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Plugins provide a system of extending DokuWiki's features without the need to hack the original code (and so again on each update). Below is a list of ready to use plugins created by DokuWiki users.

A Plugin is installed by putting it into its own folder beyond lib/plugins/. For many plugins this can be done automatically using the plugin manager (there are detailed plugin installation instructions). Be sure to read about Plugin Security.

You can also find recommended groups of plugins as solutions to common DokuWiki applications. There are also a list of very common plugins.

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Popularity values are based on data gathered through the popularity plugin - please help to increase accuracy by reporting your data with this plugin.

Creating Plugins

There are several plugin types which interchange with different parts of DokuWiki. A plugin can consist of multiple types. The links below should help you to get started writing your own DokuWiki plugin.

If you created a plugin, please share it with the community. Just create a page named after your plugin in the plugin namespace. Eg. if your pluginfolder is named sample create a page plugin:sample here in the wiki. Note: uploads are not allowed here, so either paste the code or just use one of the many free file host sites on the net.

Requesting Plugin

If you are in need of a special feature in DokuWiki but haven't the skills or resources to create your own plugin you might want to suggest the feature for consideration by the community.

To ask for the creation of a new plugin or to discuss plugin ideas, please refer to the Plugin Wishlist Forum.

Recent Wishes:

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