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-====== Plugins ====== ​ 
-**Plugins** provide a system of extending DokuWiki'​s features without the need to hack the original code (and so again on each update). Below is a list of ready to use plugins created by DokuWiki users. 
-A Plugin is installed by putting it into its own folder beyond ''​lib/​plugins/''​. ​ For many plugins this can be done automatically using the [[plugin:​plugin]] manager (there are detailed [[plugin installation instructions]]). ​ Be sure to read about [[:​security#​Plugin Security]]. 
-You can also find recommended groups of plugins as [[solutions|solutions]] to common DokuWiki applications. There are also a list of very [[solutions:​common_plugins|common plugins]]. 
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-Popularity values are based on data gathered through the [[plugin:​popularity]] plugin - please help to increase accuracy by reporting your data with this plugin. 
-===== Creating Plugins ===== 
-There are several plugin types which interchange with different parts of DokuWiki. A plugin can consist of multiple types. The links below should help you to get started writing your own DokuWiki plugin. 
-  * Syntax Plugins ( [[devel:​Syntax Plugins|Manual]] ) 
-  * Admin Plugins ( [[devel:​Admin Plugins|Manual]] ) 
-  * Action Plugins ( [[devel:​Action Plugins|Manual]] )  
-  * Renderer Plugins ( [[devel:​Renderer Plugins|Manual]] ) 
-  * Helper Plugins ( [[devel:​Helper Plugins|Manual]] ) 
-If you created a plugin, please share it with the community. Just create a page named after your plugin in the plugin namespace. Eg. if your pluginfolder is named ''​sample''​ create a page ''​plugin:​sample''​ here in the wiki. Note: uploads are not allowed here, so either paste the code or just use one of the many free file host sites on the net. 
-===== Requesting Plugin ===== 
-If you are in need of a special feature in DokuWiki but haven'​t the skills or resources to create your own plugin you might want to suggest the feature for consideration by the community. 
-To ask for the creation of a new plugin or to discuss plugin ideas, please refer to the [[http://​forum.dokuwiki.org/​forum/​19|Plugin Wishlist Forum]]. 
-Recent Wishes: 
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